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In response to the domestic pop music industry, it is a plan to enhance the international competitiveness

of the industry and cultivate key talents for the development of the industry.The faculties of the development

of humanities and arts in our school include interdisciplinary, life, fashion,digital, visual, dance,Art, music and

other types, based on this, create a good learning environment for students, and then cultivate.

There is currently a shortage of Chinese-language pop music talents in Taiwan, so our school added a "pop

music degree program" in 2015.This degree program is designed for the creative engineering of pop music

and the training of performance and singing talents, and the ability to carry out planning and execution.Laying

the foundation for the future of the pop industry, strengthening the pop music culture market, and establishing

talents with practical experience,To connect with the advent of globalization of Chinese pop music culture.


♦Development focus and characteristics

   Traditional classical music heritage

   Jazz Improvisation and Performing Arts

   Music technology development

   Cultivating international talents in the new era


♦graduation way

  Performing/singing artist

  sound engineer/mixer


  music arrangement


  music producer


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